About Us

Appliance Heroes is based on honesty, community, and helping our customers keep and maintain their appliances for as long as possible.

Whereas other appliance companies only offer repairs, we offer cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance services. From both a financial and environmental perspective, it is often more prudent to maintain an appliance than it is to replace it.

At the end of each service we run our customers through a detailed lesson on how to maintain their appliances not mentioned in the owner’s manuals.

We are the only appliance repair company to offer appliance cleaning and sanitizing services. We are also the only appliance repair company to offer dryer and dryer duct cleaning services.

We also  offer a program to provide free appliance services for those in need free of charge. There are no official requirements to qualify; we operate on the honour system and ask that our customers respect the intent of the program, which is to help those experiencing financial hardship.

We began this program in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide aid to those in need. We have always endeavored to keep our rates affordable and by having the lowest diagnosis fee of any appliance repair company. Given the economic devastation that followed the pandemic, we knew it was time to help those who needed it most.

If you wish to donate, visit our GoFundMe to provide free parts to those in need.

Our story

We are Nathan and Bukky and we are a team that met in the Canadian Forces.

When we left the Forces we started a handyman and contracting company. Many customers would ask us to take a look at their appliances, making us realize that we were missing an opportunity. Well before the COVID-19 crisis we’ve seen first hand how debilitating it can be to have a broken appliance; it’s now devastating in light of this crisis. We wanted to help because we felt we had skills and experience we could put to use to help those who could not afford the high costs of appliance repairs – that’s when we decided that it was time to go on our own and start Appliance Heroes!

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